The name 'York' ultimately derives from the Latin name for the city, variously rendered as Eboracum, Eburacum or Eburaci. The first known recorded mention of York by this name is dated circa 95-104 AD. The Anglo-Saxons who inhabited York in the 7th century knew it as Eoferwic. Two centuries later, as a Viking trading centre, the city was known as Jorvik. This was reduced to York in the centuries after the Norman Conquest, moving from the Middle English Yerk to Yourke in the 14th century, through to Yourke in the 16th and then Yarke in the 17th century. The form York is first found in the 13th Century.


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Destination anywhere
Left or right, I don't care
Maybe we'll just disappear
Like the sun...

Name: Nikki
Age: 38
Loves: Animals, Travelling
Hates: Ignorance

Name: Ed
Age: 40
Loves: Reading, Travelling
Hates: Stupid People


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