Hacienda Los Ficus

Hacienda Los Ficus is a private ranch in the Lurin Valley that breeds Perúvian Paso horses.

A tour of the ranch revealed an organic garden which provides fresh produce for the owners' restaurant in town. The tour then moved on to the stables. From recently gelded horses to pregnant mares to foals only a few months old, the horses were all gorgeous. After wandering around for a bit taking pictures, we settled in to watch the show.

Our guide explained the breed's history and the training methods used. We were shown horses in various stages of training. We were then treated to the Marinera - a traditional Perúvian dance, but performed between a woman and a rider on a horse (short video here.) Finally, several horses were paraded around together.

After a delicious dinner, Ed dragged me away from the ranch (and the beautiful grey horse, Brouma ("Mist") that I fell in love with) and we headed back to Lima.


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Name: Nikki
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