For lunch, pachamanca was served. Pachamanca is a traditional Perúvian dish based on the baking, with the aid of hot stones in an earthen oven, of lamb, mutton, pork, chicken or guinea pig, marinated in spices. Other Andean produce, such as potato, green lima beans or "habas", sweet potato, occasionally cassava or yuca, and humitas (sweet treat) as well as ears of corn, tamale and chili, is included in the baking.

Before eating, the leader of the family gave thanks to Mother Earth by offering food and drink back to her. Then one guy and one girl from our group were chosen to represent our group's mother and father and perform the ritual as well. Ed was chosen as our "father" and participated in giving thanks to Mother Earth.


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Destination anywhere
Left or right, I don't care
Maybe we'll just disappear
Like the sun...

Name: Nikki
Age: 38
Loves: Animals, Travelling
Hates: Ignorance

Name: Ed
Age: 40
Loves: Reading, Travelling
Hates: Stupid People


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