Orongo is a stone village and ceremonial centre at the southwestern tip of Rapa Nui. The village sits in a spectacular setting, between the volcano of Rano Kao and a sheer, 250 meter cliff drop-off.

Until the mid-nineteenth century, Orongo was the centre of the birdman cult, which hosted an annual race to bring the first manutara (Sooty Tern) egg from the islet of Motu Nui to Orongo. The site has numerous petroglyphs, mainly of tangata manu (birdmen).


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Destination anywhere
Left or right, I don't care
Maybe we'll just disappear
Like the sun...

Name: Nikki
Age: 38
Loves: Animals, Travelling
Hates: Ignorance

Name: Ed
Age: 40
Loves: Reading, Travelling
Hates: Stupid People


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