Ahu Ature Huki

Ahu Ature Huki is located at Anakena in the north central part of the island. The ahu is close to Ahu Nau Nau and several more moai in various stages of preservation still lying on the ground.

The ahu is constructed of closely fitted basalt blocks and carries a single large, reasonably well-preserved moai. Physically, this moai is a little stouter with a broader face than those normally found, leading some to speculate an association with the rise of the Bird-man cult near the end of the moai building era. The additional moai on the nearby ground may have once also shared this ahu which is large enough to have accommodated them.

Once toppled from its ahu, this moai bears the unique distinction of being the first moai on Easter Island to be re-erected in 1956 by Thor Heyerdal and his team. In nine days, the team used only wooden poles and piled rocks for leverage to upright the monolith on the ahu. This feat somewhat validated the theories that the ancient builders, using only primitive tools, were capable of moving and placing these massive stone monuments.


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