Shedd Aquarium

John G. Shedd Aquarium is an indoor aquarium in Chicago, Illinois in the United States. The aquarium opened in 1930, and was for some time the largest indoor aquarium in the world with 5 million gallons of water and 25,000 fish.

In 1991, Shedd opened its Oceanarium, a large addition to the aquarium that features many marine mammals, including Pacific white-sided dolphins and belugas. In 2006, the Beluga whale Puiji gave birth to a female calf, later named Bella. On August 16, 2007, Mauyak - another Beluga - gave birth to a male calf. Since 1999, three successful beluga calves have been born at Shedd Aquarium. The aquarium also boasts a number of sea otters; the core of this collection was a group rescued from the Exxon Valdez oil spill in 1989.


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