Botanical Garden

Founded in 1931, the Montreal Botanical Garden is a large botanical garden in Montreal comprising 185 acres of thematic gardens and greenhouses.

The Chinese Garden is constructed along the traditional lines for a Chinese garden. It has many winding paths, an artificial mountain, and a building in the Chinese style housing a collection of bonsai and penjing that have been donated. The garden is populated with Chinese plants. It is the largest Chinese garden in the world outside China.

The Japanese Garden is populated with Japanese plants, and it contains a building in the Japanese style containing an exhibit on tea. It also includes a large koi pond and visitors often feed the koi.

The First Nations Garden is populated with Canadian plants; the maple, birch, and pine trees shade its paths.

The Alpine Garden has several paths winding over a rocky outcrop which is covered with tiny, delicate alpine plants.

Other gardens include the poisonous plants garden, the economic plants exhibit, the flowery brook, and an arboretum. The botanical gardens are also the home to some wildlife; primarily squirrels and ducks, other slightly less common animals such as turtles and herons also live there.


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