La Raya

La Raya Pass is the highest point on the bus trip from Cusco to Puno. At 4338 meters (14,232 feet) above sea level, La Raya is the border between the Cusco Region and Puno Region.

The highest mountain in the range is Chimpulla at 5,489 metres (18,009 ft). Other notable peaks are:

  • Chinchina, 5,468 metres (17,940 ft)
  • Kunturquta, 5,400 metres (17,717 ft)
  • Minapunta, 5,465 metres (17,930 ft)
  • Qillqa, 5,350 metres (17,552 ft)
  • Yanawara, 5,350 metres (17,552 ft)
  • Yana Khuchilla, 5,472 metres (17,953 ft)


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